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drone Construction services

Photography & videography drone construction services for any construction site in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland

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Construction Photography and Videography Services

Our construction drone photographers capture pictures and footage for archival documentation, visual inspection, maintenance, tracking changes, quality assurance, and project planning. If you are a general contractor, investor, or property owner - our construction photography and videography services allow you to increase safety and track efficiency on any of your job sites. We offer custom packages including construction drone images, videography, and 360° drone construction pictures on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis. 

Check out the benefits of drone photography in the pre-construction, active construction, and post construction phases.

construction site photograph
Construction Photo and Video Services
3d model rendering from drone

2D Site Mapping and 3D Model Renderings

At VSI Aerial, we use drones to create 2D site mapping and 3D modeling for our construction site clients. For 2D mapping, we use Unique Low Level Geo referenced images which are used to create 2D Orthomosaics. We also create 3D Point Clouds, which provide high-resolution data without the distortion sometimes present in 3D mesh models and are commonly used in industry-standard software. And, our 3D models offer a textured three dimensional visualization that can be used to measure data (such as volume, distance, and surface area), inspect, track changes, and annotate any issues or concerns. Our aerial capture and digitization can be used for archival documentation, visual inspection, maintenance, tracking changes, quality assurance, and project planning.

3d rendering

Post Work Quality Inspections

At VSI Aerial, our construction inspection drones and experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled pilots perform post work quality inspections and closeouts to reduce risk, increase safety, and provide a comprehensive record of punch lists and current state of completed construction work. Our detailed and comprehensive digital aerial product reduces the risks of lawsuits and gives both the General Contractors and Owners peace of mind with a solid digital turnover.  This service is offered stand-alone or can be added as a compliment to a complete construction package. Contact us today for a custom quote. 

commercial construction inspection
Post Work Quality Inspections

Preflight Process

Let Us Handle The FAA Paperwork

At VSI Aerial, every flight is safe, legal, and complies with FAA regulation. If our flights for your project require FAA or other documentation, we take care of it for you so you never have to worry.

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