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drone inspection of construction crane

drone inspection services

Offering aerial inspections for a wide variety of industries. Image and video with the highest resolution required for inspections.

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Drone Roof Inspections & Facade Inspections

Foot traffic and rappelling equipment on the roof of your commercial or residential building not only pose safety concerns for personnel but can also cause damage to shingles, tiles, and other types of roofing and even void warranties. At VSI Aerial, we use drones to perform roof and façade inspections allowing us to capture detailed digital data while eliminating the need for foot traffic. 


Our inspection drones carrying high resolution camera equipment that can be both manually controlled as well as conduct autonomous mapping, ensuring imagery capture of every square foot of your space safely and efficiently.

Check out our drone inspection calculators to get a rough estimate on your roof or facade.

roof inspection with drone
crane lifting concrete walls on construction site

Drone Construction Inspections

Aerial inspections for the duration of a construction site project offer Project Managers, Owners, and Investors the “big picture” progress on an entire site that can only be captured from the air. At VSI Aerial, we work with construction companies to deliver digital products at regular intervals. Our inspections address progress overtime, quality of work, on-site safety issues, and more.


VSI Aerial offers custom drone inspection service packages to construction companies on a frequency schedule that works best for the project with many clients opting for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly inspections. We also offer post work quality inspection, aerial mapping, 3D and 2D rendering, and volumetrics as part of our package or as standalone services. Contact us today for a custom quote on your construction project.  

Confined Space Inspections

Remote interior drone visual inspections eliminate the need for workers to enter hazardous or confined spaces and face dangerous situations. Our propeller-guarded inspection drones are specifically designed to enter tight, limited-access spaces and there is no need for scaffolding, rope access, cranes, or unnecessary risk to personnel for us to gather digital visuals of these highly complex spaces. What could take days via traditional inspection methods can be done in a matter of hours – safely – with drones.  

Our skilled and experienced pilots are ready to work with you on your next inspection. Contact VSI Aerial today for project planning and a custom quote. 

confined space inspection with drone
drone power line inspection

Power Line Inspections

Two leading factors are driving power line inspections to steadily pivot from traditional methods to drone footage inspections: safety and capturing the most data. Using inspection drones, VSI Aerial’s power line drone inspection service eliminates the need for lifts, bucket trucks, and helicopters to get the job done, thereby eliminating safety concerns of personnel falling or otherwise being injuring during inspections. Our drones are able to capture more data faster because there is less equipment to move around and we can capture more aspects and angles in tighter spaces. Our efficiency translates to lower costs than conventional methods, saving the customer both time and money.  

Preflight Process

Let Us Handle The FAA Paperwork

At VSI Aerial, every flight is safe, legal, and complies with FAA regulation. If our flights for your project require FAA or other documentation, we take care of it for you so you never have to worry.

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