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drone cleaning solar panels

drone exterior Cleaning services

VSI Aerial provides comprehensive exterior cleaning services for any property cleaning project. Our experienced team specializes in roof cleaning, building cleaning, window cleaning, facade cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and more. 

Preflight Process

Let Us Handle The FAA Paperwork

At VSI Aerial, every flight is safe, legal, and complies with FAA regulation. If our flights for your project require FAA or other documentation, we take care of it for you so you never have to worry.

FAA Approved | Licensed and Insured for up to 5 million

Roof Cleaning

Buildup of dirt and algae shortens the life of your roof and keep it from looking its best. Cleaning roofs can be tough and dangerous for a variety of reasons, such as steep pitch, slippery or fragile materials not suitable for walking, and height - not to mention risks of warranty voids if done incorrectly. 

With our exterior cleaning drones, we clean a variety of roofing materials without ever stepping foot on your roof, and our low-pressure soft-washing pump systems won’t void your warranty. And, because our set up time is quick, we can be onsite and cleaning in a fraction of the time of traditional roof cleaning.​

drone cleaning roof
cleaning building exterior with a drone

Building and Facade Cleaning

Humidity, water run off, pollen, dust, pollutants, and other environmental factors can lead to organic growth and a build up of dirt and grime on facades making them look dingy and dirty. Traditional facade cleaning involves lifts or scaffolding, which takes time to set up, has an unsightly appearance, and increases insurance costs due to danger to the crew. By utilizing cleaning drones, we specialize in cleaning tall vertical surfaces from top to bottom without the need for lifts, repelling, or scaffolding in a fraction of the time. Our drones and cleaning equipment are soft wash and high pressure capable. Types of facades we clean include commercial and residential real estate, parking garages, schools, churches, steeples, towers, signage, and more.  

Window Cleaning

Rain water, splash back, bird droppings, dirt, pollen, and other elements can leave your windows spotted, streaked, and otherwise dirty and dingy. Traditional cleaning methods involving lifts or rappelling equipment can be costly, cause damage to your building, and pose serious risk to crews.


Our window cleaning drones and included trailer equipment are specially designed to chemically clean vertical and other hard-to-reach glass surfaces with a touch-free, environmentally friendly, proprietary chemical and rinse with pure, deionized water to get that spot-and-streak free finish that really makes your windows shine. This service is available on contract and as-needed for residential and commercial real estate windows, glass facades, atriums, stained glass, and more.

Check out the benefits of drone window cleaning vs. traditional window cleaning methods.

drone window cleaning on large building
solar panel washing with drone

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirt, debris, pollen, and bird droppings left on solar panels overtime can cause efficiency loss, damage to panels, and even void warranties if not cleaned properly. Regularly cleaning solar panels saves you money in the long term, making a cleaning service a no-brainer.

Our spraying drones use a solar-panel-safe, environmentally-friendly cleaner which we rinse with spot-free, pure water from our deionizer, leaving you solar panels sparkling without ever putting anyone on your roof. ​And because we operate everything from ground level, we are able to be in and out fast. We also offer pre- and post-cleaning visual inspection photos with our Mavic 3 to inspect condition of panels. Our solar panel cleanings are available to commercial and residential clients on contract or as-needed.  

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