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VSI Aerial Drone Services

We Offer a Range of Photography, Videography, Inspection, and Cleaning Services

FAA Approved | Licensed and Insured for up to 5 million

TV & Film

At VSI Aerial, we have a fully contained and experienced drone cinematography crew, suite of professional drones and camera equipment, and years of experience on TV and movie sets. Don't worry about the FAA paperwork - we have you covered. Years of establishing healthy relationships with local and federal law enforcement allows us to get your production ready for a drone on set.

desert drone film shoot
building in washington dc

Real Estate

VSI Aerial specializes in drone real estate photography for commercial and residential real estate. We provide both interior and exterior aerial photography and videography and offer end-to-end photo and video editing. With numerous repeat clients in the greater DMV area and beyond, we pride ourselves on providing a high-end product that matches any client's brand.


We offer one-time and interval construction drone services that include site photography and videography, 2D site mapping, 3D modeling, and post-work quality inspections. Our photography packages are customized to suit your needs. Contact us today about a package that will work best with your project schedule. 

construction site with crane
powerline inspection with drone


Our drones, capabilities, and creative mindsets allow us to perform various types of aerial inspections, including drone construction site inspections, remote interior drone visual inspections, confined space inspections, aerial roof and facade inspections, and power line inspections.


VSI Aerial's expert drone crew, creative edge, and long history and expertise in drone marketing and advertisement has aided many successful ad campaigns. Our work includes air-to-air filming, location, lifestyle, outdoor events, and more. Contact us today to discuss and plan your next project. We love being part of the creative process and ultimately providing the shots you need. 

airplane on runway with film crew
drone cleaning solar panels on house

Exterior Aerial Cleaning

Exterior cleaning presents many challenges, and VSI Aerial is prepared with solutions. Our state-of-the-art cleaning drones are more efficient, safer, and as effective as traditional cleaning methods. We offer cleaning services for virtually any vertical or hard-to-reach surface.

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