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Washington D.C.
Drone Services

VSI Aerial LLC

At VSI Aerial, we specialize in air space access to one of the hardest places in the United States to fly: the Washington D.C. Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ). All of our flights are the result of years of curating process and relationships with D. C. airspace primary stakeholders, and we regularly fly within the 15 nautical mile and 7 nautical mile FRZ. We also travel and fly nationally. Contact us today for more information, pricing, and to book one of our pilots for your project. 

Real Estate Photo/Video

A wide range of commercial and residential drone real estate photography specializing in showcasing your entire Washington DC property and highlighting location. 

Construction Photo/Video

Detailed aerial photography and videography of construction sites for the purpose of progress, post quality work inspection, 2D mapping, 3D imaging, and more. 

Marketing Photo/Video

Drone marketing collateral for advertisement of new products, events, buildings, signage, locations, commercial and residential real estate, and all aerial advertising needs.  

TV & Film Cinematography

Experienced drone crew including dedicated pilot, camera operator, and tech with high-end drones and video equipment ready to meet needs of any sized TV and film production.

Inspection Photo/Video

Aerial inspections utilizing high resolution drone cameras for a wide variety of industries, including roofs and facades, confined spaces, power lines, construction sites, and more.  

Exterior Aerial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning drones and full pump equipment for all vertical exterior cleaning spaces, including roofs, facades, windows, solar panels, steeples, signage, and more. 

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What Our Clients Say


"Geoff is great to work with. He’s responsive and is very knowledgeable in his profession. I am a real estate professional so, I work with different photographers. Geoff is outstanding in what he does and the best thing is that he’s reachable! I recommend him to anyone!"
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