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TV & Film Drone
Production Company

Professional drone production company with years of on-set experience flying the industry's highest-end aerial equipment

Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership

FAA Approved | Licensed and Insured for up to 5 million

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Drone Production Crew

We are a skilled and versatile drone production crew, fully equipped to handle projects of different sizes and complexities. Whether operating on a closed set or functioning as a satellite crew, our team is poised to deliver exceptional results. Comprising a dedicated pilot, a skilled camera operator, and a tech, our three-person crew ensures a seamless and efficient approach to capturing a diverse range of requests.


Our chemistry has developed over many years and allows us to navigate the intricacies of each project, ensuring the production of visually compelling and high-quality aerial takes. Whether it's dynamically tracking moving subjects or capturing the grandeur of large-scale scenes, our team is well-versed in meeting the unique demands of aerial videography across a wide range of scenarios.

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geoff green flying DJI Inspire drone

Drone Equipment

We operate the latest, most compact, and safest cinema drones on the market. Our film drones shoot in 8k raw, both in daylight and at night, with dual native ISOs. Our standard packages on set include live streaming capabilities, whether through a dedicated feed or Live U with the option to output to director or set monitors. And, because our drones allow for a dedicated pilot, camera operator, and tech, we are able to capture any complex shot easily. 

We currently fly DJI Inspire 3, Mavic 3 Cine, Avata, and QAV PRO FPV 2.5. Visit our equipment page for further details on drones, gimbals, lenses, and more. 

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Preflight Process

Let Us Handle The FAA Paperwork

At VSI Aerial, every flight is safe, legal, and complies with FAA regulation. If our flights for your project require FAA or other documentation, we take care of it for you so you never have to worry.

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